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When Maggie and Peter stumble into a magical fantasy world, they discover danger lurks and a sinister plot is brewing.


Adventure and mystery collide, and the siblings must figure out how to stop the return of dark magic. Will they make it home, or become trapped in Zentobia forever?

When the Miller family moves to the small town of Hailsville, ten-year-old Maggie and her thirteen-year-old brother discover their neighbor comes from a magical world, Zentobia. The amateur detectives try to help him get home but are swept through a rainbow portal and end up in his world on their own.

Join Maggie and Peter as they navigate magical underground tunnels, use flying shoes to travel across the world, and race to save Zentobia from the return of dark magic. Will they make it in time to stop the world's last gold star from turning black, or will trouble find them first?

Eleven year old Macy dreams of action and adventure that will take her far beyond her family’s farm. But what will happen when that adventure finds her?


Long ago, faeries were banished from the land after a legendary battle. So long ago that many wonder if faeries really exist or if the battle was just a tall tale. But one mysterious night, Macy’s mother is attacked, and ever since, unusual things start happening. Missing items, changing moods, and most strange of all, the family’s sheep, Slip, takes an unnerving interest in Macy.


This feeling was deeper than her usual love and concern for animals—she [Macy] knew Slip was acting strangely for a reason. She just needed to figure out why. Her mother is suddenly determined to get rid of the sheep, and Macy suspects that the reason may be sinister. When Macy meets a boy her age, the aloof and sarcastic Jay, they embark on a journey to discover the truth and save her mother. In this twist on The Wonderful Birch, you won’t find kings, queens, or evil stepmothers. Instead, you’ll find two courageous pre-teens from the outskirts, ready to defend Ordele from the magical forces that threaten it.


Author Torina Kingsley masterfully creates a world where things aren’t always as they seem. Beyond the Birch is an imaginative spin on an old folktale that reminds us all to hold our loved ones close and always believe in own our capabilities.

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Ethan, a tech-savvy gamer, joins the newest gaming rage—Seeker. With his best friends in tow, they try it and fall in love with Bailiwick, the realistic gaming world where the game takes place. As their gaming continues, strange things begin to happen. Time slips through his fingers. A friend disappears. And when Ethan’s sister Maggie is the next to vanish, he finds out the truth. A dark wizard is trapping players inside the game. 


Will Ethan and his friends be able to stop the wizard? Or will they join the others who are destined to be trapped forever and become part of the wizard's new world? 


A story about friendships, family, gaming, and growth, Souled is an action-packed book filled with one adventure after another.

Princess Asha learned at a young age she would never sit upon the throne of Zanzia. Rival forces to the north, led by the tyrannical son of a mad king, are usurping her country’s land and resources as her people starve. Zanzia’s only chance at salvation is to marry off the 13-year-old princess to another kingdom in order to forge an alliance powerful enough to push back the armies of Nadroj.

The Mapmaker’s Mistake follows the adventures of Asha as she uses her cunning and skills with a blade to reforge her destiny. To avoid being sold into marriage, Asha fights back with the help of her lady-in-waiting Rose, and spunky little sister Aurelia. Together the girls use diplomacy, espionage and sharpened steel to circumvent an unstoppable army bent on taking what little the Kingdom of Zanzia has left.